Our Ethos

Collabogive is a social fundraising platform built to empower individuals and social cause groups to do more good.

From community groups and non-profit organizations, to individuals putting together a fundraiser for the first time, Collabogive provides elegant solutions that drive social collaboration and public awareness with the aim to give purpose to a generation. Whether you’re giving, or fundraising for a cause, we exist for you.

Guided by Ideals

Collabogive was founded on the idea of inspiring generosity and community by giving change makers the tools and the voice they need to inspire others with their stories and to help them do more good for their cause. The driving force behind every decision made at Collabogive is preempted with the question, “Will this help us to do more good?” While we continue to add more features and refine the online fundraising experience, our goal will never change…in everything we do, we must purposefully strive to do more good.

How It Works

Collabogive provides fundraising tools that help anyone give a voice to their cause in a secure, easy to use environment. From creating your campaign, to promoting your cause, and collecting money to reach your goal, Collabogive gives you the tools you need to make a difference all within a single platform that is supported by a passionate community committed to the greater good. While we believe in the power of the individual to do great things, we believe that when we work together we can do the impossible.

We’re more than just a platform, we’re a movement for good.