Once your campaign is active, the most important thing you can do is to share it with your friends, relatives, and anybody else that would love to hear about it! You can easily share your campaign directly from your campaign page by using the social share features on the top of the page, from within your account profile, or by visiting the Spread the Word page and using the share tools found there.

Here are some sure-fire ways to make sure your campaign reaches as many people as possible:

Send Individual Emails: People who get a personalized message are 80% more likely to donate, so be specific and genuine. Mass emailing your entire contact list may work for some, but we have found that personalized emails are far more effective.

Share on Facebook: Update your status with all the details and your campaign link and tag the friends you hope will contribute. Your contributors can share your campaign this way as well.

Tweet: Over the course of your campaign, use Twitter to spread the word and share updates and encourage your contributors to tweet it out. Don’t be shy about it — we suggest tweeting 4-5 times a week.

Post Updates: Tell supporters what you’re fundraising for. Be specific. Be descriptive. Get personal. Supporters are more likely to give an online donation if you post photos, videos, and progress updates. Supporters believe in what you’re doing, so keep them updated by posting updates frequently on your campaign page.

Embed a Widget: Help build support by placing your personalized Collabogive campaign widget on your website or info. Your vistors will be able to see your campaign’s progress in real-time and be able to click to donate all from within your site.

Call and Text: There is nothing more personal than reaching out with a phone call or personalized text message. Connect with your most personal contacts by simply calling them and telling them what you are up to.

Head on over to the Spread the Word page and start getting your campaign out there!

Spread the Word